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Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, passes away at 61

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The New York Times takes a look at Sally Ride's life, following her death at 61 from pancreatic cancer.

sally ride (nasa)
sally ride (nasa)

Sally Ride is an icon, and not just for being the first US woman to go into space — after responding to a NASA ad in the newspaper, no less. Her life and work helped a generation of kids think about science not as some esoteric abstraction, but as a real option they could pursue. She wanted to "make science and engineering cool again." The New York Times takes a look at Ride’s life, from a self-described high school "underachiever" to a nationally ranked tennis player and astrophysicist. On the subject of becoming the first female American astronaut, Ride famously said, "it’s too bad this is such a big deal." She passed away on Monday from pancreatic cancer.