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Apple and Samsung pare down infringement claims ahead of trial

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Apple and Samsung have both agreed to drop the number of claims they'll be pursuing in their Northern California trial, scheduled to kick off on July 30th.

apple samsung galaxy tab ipad
apple samsung galaxy tab ipad

We're rapidly approaching the start of the Northern California trial between Apple and Samsung, and in preparation the legal teams for both companies have dropped the number of claims they'll be pursuing in the courtroom. According to a joint statement filed with the US District Court for the Northern District of California, Apple will not be pursuing any claims against the Nexus S, Samsung Acclaim, or Sidekick smartphones (Cupertino has obviously had more current devices on its mind as of late). For its part, Samsung will be dropping any claims in association with US Patent #6,928,604 — a highly-technical patent focused on the encoding and decoding of data in a CDMA communications system.

The joint move should be considered par for the course, however. Judge Lucy Koh has repeatedly pushed both parties to narrow their claims throughout the pre-trial hearings, and Apple and Samsung issued a similar statement dropping several claims back on July 3rd. Judge Koh will be allowing each legal team just 25 hours to argue their respective cases, with only 125 exhibits allowed each. That's not to say the trial will be swift; there's still a multitude of patent and trade dress claims to be explored covering multiple devices, and the court's set aside several weeks for the proceedings. Things are scheduled to kick off on July 30th, and we'll be there to bring you all the details.