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Apple's latest celebrity Siri ad features Martin Scorsese as a taxi passenger

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Apple's latest Siri ad features Martin Scorsese riding in a taxi in New York. The spot features Scorsese looking up traffic on his iPhone 4S, a new feature coming to the platform in iOS 6.

scorcese siri (apple)
scorcese siri (apple)

Just when you thought Apple was done with its celebrity Siri ads, it’s back, and with Martin Scorsese in a spot titled Busy Day. This time around (video below), the Taxi Driver director plays the passenger, heading downtown in an NYC yellow cab as he gets his virtual assistant to shuffle his schedule. While it isn't pictured, Scorsese uses Siri to check the traffic on his route; a feature that's being improved with anonymously-sourced real time data in the as-yet-unreleased iOS 6. It’s hard to imagine the writer and director of Goodfellas and Casino needs the cash — we’d wager he’s a fan of the company’s products.