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Vizio's $99 Co-Star Google TV now available for pre-order, shipping August 14th

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Vizio's $99 Google TV will start to ship on August 14th, with online pre-orders starting on July 24th.

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Gallery Photo:

Vizio has started to take pre-orders for its $99 Google TV. Dubbed the Co-Star, the tiny set top box, which includes two HDMI ports, an ethernet jack, and a USB socket, sits between a television and cable box to overlay Google TV onto video content. Vizio's Co-Star also features Netflix, YouTube, and OnLive apps — with Vizio spending "months and months" to fine tune the streaming game service to its first Google TV device.

Pre-orders are estimated to ship on August 14th and Vizio is offering free shipping for a limited amount of time. Check out our hands-on from Google I/O to get a good look at Vizio's Co-Star UI.

Update: According to Vizio, the company sold out of the first batch of pre-orders in just twelve hours.