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AOL's Play music app gets a tablet-optimized redesign, but only for Kindle Fire

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The Play by AOL app is now available on just one Android tablet: the Kindle Fire.

kindle fire
kindle fire

There may be a number of Android tablets out there, but for its Play music app, AOL decided to focus on just one — the Kindle Fire. The app is already available on iOS and Android, and lets users listen to their own music collection as well as access a number of radio stations, among other features. AOL says that the tablet version has been "100 percent designed and built for the Kindle Fire" because "we love the way Play looks and feels on that glorious 7-inch screen" — though that doesn't explain why the app isn't available on another notable, 7-inch Android tablet. Then again, the Fire does make up a rather large percentage of the overall Android tablet market, and with additional models potentially on the way, that market share could grow even bigger.