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BitTorrent offers free DJ Shadow content with optional RealPlayer downloads

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BitTorrent has released a new DJ Shadow Bundle for free while providing a way for the artist to earn income with each download.

bittorent dj shadow crop
bittorent dj shadow crop

Though BitTorrent may be more closely associated with illegal file sharing, a number of artists have embraced the platform as a means of promoting their works by offering free downloads to users. Counting Crows, for example, previously released a free set of tracks with hopes that happy listeners will purchase the full album. Now the company has teamed up with hip hop artist DJ Shadow to offer exclusive promotional content for free while showcasing sponsored advertisements for applications. When downloading the DJ Shadow Bundle — which includes photos, sample music, and video from and inspired by the forthcoming release, "Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era (1992-1996)" — users will get a pop-up suggesting that they also download the RealPlayer app. Accepting the offer will grant the artist a share of the advertising revenue, but either way, the files will be given at no charge. Although the idea of integrated ads is nothing new, BitTorrent will be using the initiative as a springboard for "new content experiments" over the coming year.