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HBO shoots down Netflix invitation: 'no plans' to work together

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A spokesman from HBO dismissed the idea of working together with Netflix, saying the company has "no plans" to collaborate with its longtime competitor.

hastings netflix
hastings netflix

Who wouldn’t like to have HBO programming on Netflix? HBO, that’s who. Reuters reports that HBO spokesman Jeff Cusson shot down the idea with a terse "we are not in discussions and have no plans to work with Netflix."

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings discussed the possibility of collaborating with its self-proclaimed biggest competitor, saying "it is also possible we will find opportunities to work together — just as we do with other networks." Responding to a question during the company’s earnings call yesterday, Hastings reiterated, saying, "my point is that we’re just another network, and that when you have multiple networks, they often find ways of working together." The characterization is a bit of a switch from Hastings' usual proclivity for war metaphors to describe the two companies' relationship.