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Apple rolls out Safari 6 for Lion with unified search and offline reading list

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Apple has begun rolling out Safari 6, which includes several new features, for Lion, though it lacks some of the capabilities of the version on Mountain Lion.

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Along with the release of Mountain Lion, Apple has rolled out Safari 6, the new browser it demonstrated last month. Some of the more exciting new features — like iCloud tabs and Tab View — are only available on OS X 10.8, but Lion users can still enjoy improved performance and a few welcome tweaks. Apple's added the unified Smart Search Field, a unified search and address bar, and the Reading List feature now works offline. Safari 6 also supports Do Not Track and a new pane for storing passwords, and Chinese search engine Baidu is a built-in option.

We've confirmed that the new Safari works on Lion, but it's unclear whether it's supported on Snow Leopard, and we can't find a link or dedicated page to download it for Windows. If you're running OS X 10.7, you can download it now through the Software Update app. You can check out new features at Apple's site here, and developers can review the new development tools, including HTML5 notifications and a redesigned version of Web Inspector.

Update: After checking on Snow Leopard, Safari 6 isn't showing up in Software Update, and it's not available on Apple's site. It may show up later, but for now, people on older software are left out this time around.