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Google: Motorola's 'patents and developed technology' worth $5.5 billion, less than half of acquisition cost

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In a regulatory filing Tuesday, Google said that the value of Motorola's patents and developed technology were worth $5.5 billion, less than half of the total $12.4 billion sum it took to acquire Motorola Mobility.

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How much are Motorola's patents and intellectual property worth? $5.5 billion according to Google, which revealed the figure in a regulatory filing Tuesday. That's a slightly less than half of the total $12.4 billion sum it took to acquire Motorola Mobility — a deal which finally cleared antitrust scrutiny and gained approval in May. Ownership of Motorola's extensive patent portfolio was seen as a key motive for Google's major purchase, allowing the company to better protect its Android OS from litigation. And while the actual figure attached to all that intellectual property might be smaller than some anticipated, the massive pickup is still likely to dissuade some competitors from picking a fight with Google in the courts. Even so, considering how much Google needed to invest in other aspects of Motorola's business, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it may be looking to offload some of the less successful ventures.