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Apple updates iWork and iPhoto for Mountain Lion, fixes bugs in iMovie

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Apple has updated iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie, adding bug fixes and compatibility for Mountain Lion's new features.

iWork Mountain Lion
iWork Mountain Lion

Mac owners will be busy with updates this morning as Apple releases software that works better with the newly-released Mountain Lion. The latest version of iWork now supports Mountain Lion and the new MacBook Pro Retina display. Mountain Lion features like iCloud document storage and dictation also show up in the release notes. iPhoto has been given a similar update, with added compatibility and support for sharing through Messages and Twitter. The latest version of iMovie already supported Retina and doesn't seem to offer any Mountain Lion-specific features, but you'll get stability fixes for MPEG-2 previewing and some third-party QuickTime components. Between the new Retina display and Mountain Lion, most of Apple's flagship apps have gotten a recent facelift.

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