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Microsoft BUILD 2012 developer conference announced, starts October 30th in Redmond

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Microsoft's BUILD 2012 event will take place on October 30th to November 2nd at the company's Redmond campus.


Microsoft is bringing its BUILD event to the company's campus in Redmond this year. After merging its previous WinHEC and PDC conferences into BUILD for a Windows 8 unveil last year, the software giant appears to be continuing to host a dedicated development event. Despite the event being on Microsoft's campus, the company says it "will be unlike anything we've held on our corporate campus in a long time."

Microsoft says its BUILD 2012 event will kick off on October 30th, a week after the Windows 8 launch, and last until November 2nd. The company will discuss Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server 2012, and Visual Studio 2012. Registration for the event will open on August 8th at 8AM PT.