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Developer claims Android is 'designed for piracy from the ground up'

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A Scottish iOS developer has taken Google to task over the design of Android and the Play Store, which he claims makes it trivially easy to pirate apps.

Android 4.0 welcome robot (STOCK)
Android 4.0 welcome robot (STOCK)

Writing in a lengthy post on his personal blog, Scottish developer Matt Gemmell has laid into Android's open philosophy, describing the system as "designed for piracy from the ground up." According to Gemmell, the way Android and Google's Play Store are built makes "sideloading" of apps almost as easy as legitimately purchasing them, thereby destroying any incentive for users to play by the rules: "people pirate Android apps because it's easy. It's easy because the system was built with an open mentality." Coming just two days after the creators of popular zombie FPS Dead Trigger were forced to make the game free on Android due to "unbelievably high" rates of piracy, it's easy to see his point. Then again, Gemmell is an iOS developer by trade, so it might be worth thinking twice before accepting his argument wholesale. Head over to his blog to read the full post.