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Razer Ouroboros: a $130 transforming ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse

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Razer's upcoming Ouroboros mouse is ambidextrous, wireless, and customizable.

Razer Ouroboros
Razer Ouroboros

Gamers are a fickle bunch, demanding peripherals that equal parts stylish and comfortable — the $130 Razer Ouroboros is a wireless gaming mouse that hopes to address most of their needs. Its ambidextrous chassis boasts moving physical parts that accommodate the shape of your hand, sports 11 programmable buttons and offers optical and laser sensors that support up to 8200DPI — should 6400DPI prove insufficient for your hyper-caffeinated limbs. You'll note that there's more than a passing resemblance to Mad Catz's Cyborg RAT 9 gaming mouse, but it offers support for left-handed gamers and doesn't rely on proprietary batteries. The arch of the Ouroboros' palm rest is also adjustable, offering a few degrees of tilt to help you find an angle that suits your hand.

The mouse's spine can extend up to .9 inches to accommodate larger hands, and interchangeable side panels offer a bit of extra comfort. The Ouroboros also packs a trigger button that can temporarily increase or decrease the DPI, offering a bit of extra precision at a moment's notice. All of this is powered by a single rechargeable NiMH AA battery. Razer promises 12 hours of juice, though normal AA batteries will also work and the mouse can also operate in a wired mode if you're willing to be tethered to your PC. An FCC filing was outed by Engadget back in May, and while there's no firm release date for the nigh-unpronounceable mouse it's slated to arrive sometime later this year. In the meantime, Razer has provided a trailer to whet our collective appetites.