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BlackBerry 10 to take on Instagram with built-in photo filtering

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BlackBerry 10, RIM's next-generation operating system, will include photo filters similar to those found in Instagram, as well as more subtle image editing features.

BlackBerry 10 image editing (from CrackBerry)
BlackBerry 10 image editing (from CrackBerry)

BlackBerry 10, the next-generation operating system that RIM hopes will turn its fortunes around, will include built-in photo filters similar to those provided by the popular camera app Instagram, according to a report from CrackBerry. The filters come as part of a completely overhauled image editing suite, which also includes less drastic options for transforming and enhancing photographs. Much of the new functionality seems to rely on integration with technology licensed from Swedish firm Scalado, which was recently acquired by Nokia.

The new features can be found in the latest Dev Alpha builds of BlackBerry 10, currently only available on special development hardware, but are expected to migrate to the PlayBook tablet in due course before hitting new BB10 smartphones when they eventually emerge in Q1 2013. Having only released an Android version relatively recently, CrackBerry admits that Instagram's development team might not "have any desire to build a BlackBerry 10 app," so it's encouraging to see that BB10 users will have some sort of built-in alternative to artificially yellowing their images.

As we reported last weekend, recent Dev Alpha builds also include an experimental, Siri-like voice control feature. Check out CrackBerry's demo of the new image editing tools below.