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Windows 8 default wallpaper leaked

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Microsoft's final default WIndows 8 wallpaper has leaked out ahead of an announcement.

Windows 8 wallpaper
Windows 8 wallpaper

Microsoft is close to announcing the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8, the final code for its new operating system. As the announcement approaches, the final default wallpaper for Windows 8 has leaked out. Techit posted the Windows 8 wallpaper today, and we can confirm this is the final default wallpaper that will ship with within Windows 8. The wallpaper features two daisy flowers surrounded by a clear sky in the backdrop.

Microsoft is expected to announce the final build (version 8888) of Windows 8 before the end of the week. According to insiders, the company is close to signing off on the final bits that will make their way to consumers on October 26th. MSDN and TechNet customers should get early access to the final build in the coming weeks.