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Leaked Google Fiber page points to competitive pre-registration process, fall launch date

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An apparent leaked registration page for Google Fiber shows the pre-registration process.

Google Fiber Screenshot
Google Fiber Screenshot

Shortly before Google is set to announce its Fiber network in Kansas City, we're seeing what looks like the first details of its plan. Late last night, a Reddit user posted a link to an apparent pre-registration page on Google's Fiber site. The page was taken down soon after, but a screenshot shows a list of "fiberhoods" and target percentages for each. According to the poster, the process requires a refundable fee that will be deducted from the first bill once fiber is installed. Google looks to be introducing a couple of competitive elements as well. First, it's determining which neighborhoods get the network first based on how many pre-registrations have been collected by September 9th, meaning that we might be looking at a launch date of fall or later.

To sweeten the deal, Google also seems to be offering free Fiber to a local school in each neighborhood that meets its pre-registration target of 5 or 10 percent of households. It's not clear whether that means a set period of free service or something else, but it's a pretty good deal for places with the requisite level of interest. We're expecting more details soon, this time from Google itself.