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Google redesigns the TV with Fiber TV: a new DVR, mobile apps, and voice search

Google redesigns the TV with Fiber TV: a new DVR, mobile apps, and voice search


Google announced Fiber TV.

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Google Fiber TV
Google Fiber TV

Alongside its new super-fast internet in Kansas City, Google announced Fiber TV today, an entirely redesigned experience for how you watch TV. It's part-DVR part-cable box, with the ability to watch and record all the channels you expect, via Google's new network. Unfortunately, Fiber's listings don't currently include ESPN, AMC, and a few others, but we're hoping that changes soon. You'll be able to record 500 hours of TV, and can record a ridiculous eight shows all at once.

"You don't have to settle for old-time television anymore"

There are a couple of different packages for the Fiber TV service, which basically mirror what we've seen from cable boxes. There's a basic version with network channels and some basic cable, on up to the movie channels like Starz.

Google also announced apps for iOS and Android that let you search for things to watch (by text or by voice), and control both live TV and DVR. The Google Nexus 7, for instance, will come with a Fiber TV app — and there's a free Nexus 7 included in the TV package. There's a lot more coming for the apps, too: you'll be able to tune automatically from your Google+ stream, for instance. "Fiber TV will integrate with all popular social networks, making live TV more relevant than ever," Google execs said during the presentation. You'll also be able to watch different shows, on different TVs and devices, in the same house all at the same time. There will be "tens of thousands" of movies and shows on demand, all of which you'll be able to watch on multiple devices.

The Fiber TV plan (as part of Google's whole Fiber plan) costs $120 / month, plus a $300 construction fee. But if you sign a two-year contract, the construction fee is waived. "You don't have to settle for old-time television anymore," execs said. We're into that idea.

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