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Nexus 7 bundled free with Google Fiber TV as default remote control

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Google is including a free Nexus 7 in its Fiber TV package; the tablet can be used as the default remote control.

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As part of Google's push to integrate TV and internet with Fiber, the company is bundling a free Google Nexus 7 tablet as the remote control. The $120 per month Fiber TV package will come with a Nexus 7, which can be used as a remote control as well as a media player in its own right. We imagine that households with multiple Nexus 7 tablets will be able to connect their existing ones as well. Google Fiber was already pretty exciting, and this is a great addition for anyone who's planning to use it for television. There's no word on whether this is the 8GB or 16GB version, but we expect to see more details soon.