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HBO, AMC, ESPN missing from Google Fiber TV channel list (update: no Time Warner or Disney channels listed)

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Google has published a tentative list of channels for its Fiber TV, with a few big names missing.

Breaking Bad Season 5
Breaking Bad Season 5

Google has just tentatively published the channels set to come to its Fiber TV service, and while it's a substantial list, there are a few prominent ones missing. AMC, HBO, and ESPN are currently not on the list, which includes about 160 names and is otherwise relatively comprehensive. Google does, however, note that this lineup is only a "representative" one, and that the actual list will be "published when customers register for service." Some of the channels may also require an extra fee, likely ones that are considered premium in current cable packages. We're currently asking Google for comment, so we'll see if these big names might be coming later. The full list of channels can be found here.

Update: It looks like it's not just these channels that aren't on the list — other Disney- and Time Warner-owned channels aren't showing up either. Besides the Disney Channel, that includes TNT, CNN, and Cartoon Network. Disney owns ESPN and Time Warner owns HBO, so it looks like those two companies may not have wanted to make a deal. Once again, though, we're waiting for comment. Fox News and Fox Sports are missing as well. Notably, though, Viacom channels like Comedy Central are included, as is Comcast's NBC Universal catalog.