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Netflix site search and other features down for some due to technical issues (update: problem resolved)

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Netflix has confirmed problems with its site that are limiting the use of search and other features for some users.

Netflix Error
Netflix Error

Adding another name to the list of web services having trouble today, Netflix is partially down for some users. While it's possible to get to the home page and play selected videos, but features like search, suggestions, and recently viewed titles aren't showing up. The problem doesn't appear to be as widespread as recent Twitter and Google Talk outages, and site functionality isn't quite as compromised for those who are having the problems. We also haven't had any reports of problems through the service's apps. Netflix, for its part, has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix.

Thanks trevorhanson7!

Update: Netflix says it has resolved the issue, and we're not having any more trouble when testing it.