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Redesigned Taxi Magic app for iOS adds favorite locations

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An update to the popular Taxi Magic app for iOS adds a redesign and the ability to save favorite locations. An improved back end to the service also makes arrival estimates more accurate.

taxi magic
taxi magic

Users spoke and Taxi Magic listened. A major update to the the popular taxi finding and payment service’s iOS app (an Android update is also on the way) is adding a number of new features on top of a complete redesign. With version 3.0, the opening screen will now ask if they’re ready to go now or if you want to schedule a cab for later. You can also shave off some more time when booking cars by storing your favorite locations. And behind the scenes, an improved back end to the service also makes taxi tracking more accurate, so you can get a better estimate of when your car will arrive, based on factors like real-time traffic data and weather conditions. The iOS update is available now from the iTunes App Store, and we're told the redesigned Android app will be out in about a month.