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Windows 8 to RTM as build 9200, final lock screen image leaks

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Microsoft will name Windows 8 build 9200 as its final RTM copy, expected to be announced next week.

Windows 8 RTM lock screen wallpaper
Windows 8 RTM lock screen wallpaper

Microsoft will name its final Windows 8 build as 9200, following an internal quirk that prevents the company from using the build 8888. Reports of the final Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247 surfaced over at Win8China today, who also reportedly leaked a copy of the final lock screen image to accompany the default wallpaper. According to our own sources, build 9200 is the final one. The compile process started on Wednesday — outputting SKU, language, and install variations.

The software maker had been expected to use the 8888 build number, but due to the complex nature of Microsoft's internal build process it has been forced to select 9200. Final localization checks and verifications on the build will now take place, and Microsoft is expected to officially declare RTM next week. We'll be sure to update you once Microsoft is able to declare 9200 as RTM.