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Yelp update brings new look to iPhone, new features to iPad

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Yelp has updated its iOS apps, improving business pages for the iPhone and adding a number of features for the iPad.

yelp app update 7/27
yelp app update 7/27

Yelp's app has remained a solid resource for finding places to eat on the fly but, until now, the user interface has been a bit bland. With version 6.0.0, business pages have been updated for the iPhone, featuring a new clean layout and a "pull to view" function that shoots you straight to the location's photos. iPhone users can also compliment and like Tips, while iPad owners gain the ability to edit business information, add photos, and rate and compliment reviews. Yelpy Insights support has also been included, adding a filter for finding places favored by a certain age group or vegetarians. For those without an iOS device, the Yelp mobile page received an update as well, letting users add tips and view and add bookmarks.