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Radian adds another affordable panning time-lapse camera attachment to Kickstarter

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Radian, a time-lapse and motion control camera attachment, is looking for funding on Kickstarter and wants to give a unit to anyone who donates $150 to the cause.

raidian time lapse kickstarter
raidian time lapse kickstarter

Hot off of the crowd-funding heels of the Astro comes the Radian, a time-lapse and motion control device for photographers looking to spruce up their work without emptying their wallets. The attachment works with digital SLRs and any camera with a trigger-release input, and can even be used with smartphones. The Radian is programmed by a special app developed for iOS and Android, which allows photographers to set precise time and motion intervals, as well as bulb-ramping for seemless lighting transitions for Canon cameras. Photographer Kris Cheng and company plan to implement a rechargeable lithium ion battery and external USB power pack connectivity, which should help out in the case of long photo shoots.

Unlike the Astro, the Radian does not include any physical controls, making the unit unusable by anyone without an iOS, Android, or web-enabled device. While it support horizontal pans, users can also enable vertical rotations using an optional $40 L-bracket. The team behind Radian hopes to reach their goal of $178,750 by August 19th. Anyone who donates at least $150 will get the device, a USB cable charger, and a camera cable shipped to them in December.