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Growl 2 and HardwareGrowler 2 in beta with Mountain Lion Notification Center support

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Growl creator Chris Forsythe has announced that Growl 2 and HardwareGrowler 2, which add support for the Notification Center on Mountain Lion, are both in beta.


The new version of Growl isn't ready yet, but it's well on its way. Chris Forsythe has announced that notification tool Growl 2 and HardwareGrowler 2 — which monitors devices attached to a computer — are both in beta. "We're looking forward to finishing up testing and localization so we can submit to App Store," he says. Growl 2 includes a split between actions and visual notifications as well as better performance for things like Rollup, the browsable notifications tool. Its major draw, though, is support for Mac OS X 10.8 and its Notification Center.

As outlined before, the new Growl will automatically use the Notification Center for its visual notifications on Mountain Lion, meaning other software developers won't have to specifically implement code (or even necessarily launch in the Mac App Store) to use Apple's new tool. HardwareGrowler 2 will also have Mountain Lion support, and users will be able to set it to ignore specific drives. We're not sure when it might launch, but you can see a longer list of features over here.