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Runtastic Pro for Android turns your running routines into movies courtesy of Google Earth

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Runtastic has updated its Runtastic Pro app for Android with the ability to make shareable videos of your various runs courtesy of Google Earth.

Runtastic Google Earth view
Runtastic Google Earth view

Mobile apps that track the route you run are nothing new, but athletic app maker Runtastic is taking a slightly different approach with an update to its Runtastic Pro app: turning your athletic outings into movies courtesy of Google Earth. The latest version of its Runtastic Pro app for Android takes the GPS data gathered from a given run, and uses it to create a video with Google Earth imagery, providing a birds-eye view of your activity along with on-screen pace, time, and elevation indicators. The videos also use Runtastic's "live cheering" feature to add drama to the finished product. As for the running experience itself, the new version adds the ability to automatically pause the timer on your run whenever you're forced to wait a beat (an update to the iOS version of Runtastic Pro includes the same pausing feature, but the Google Earth imagery is Android-only).

Google offered something similar earlier this year with a new version of My Tracks, which allowed route playback via the Google Earth for Android app, though Runtastic appears to be taking things a step further with built-in integration. If you're a runner and you'd like to get started making videos of your own expeditions, the new version of Runtastic Pro is available in the Google Play Store now.