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Windows Phone 8 to include screenshot feature with Windows and Camera button combo

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Microsoft is building in native screenshot functionality for Windows Phone 8, using the Camera and Windows button combination.

Wp8 screenshots
Wp8 screenshots

Earlier this month, rumors emerged about potential native screenshot functionality in Windows Phone 8. While existing Windows Phone 7 devices do not include a basic screenshot feature, Microsoft is building this minor, but useful, function into Windows Phone 8. managed to activate the screenshot part of Windows Phone 8 in the recently leaked SDK, revealing that Microsoft will use the Windows and Camera button combination to take screenshots natively.

Although the execution is similar to rival platforms like iOS, Windows Phone 8 will store the screenshots in a separate album within the Photos hub — not in the camera roll. This serves to separate screenshots from photos taken on the phone's Camera. While this is a minor feature, it has been sorely missed by reviewers, developers, and even end users of Windows Phone.