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LaunchBar update adds Mountain Lion compatibility, Retina display graphics

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LaunchBar has been updated for version 5.3. Improvements include Mountain Lion compatibility fixes, Retina display graphics, and better third-party mail client support.


Objective Development has updated its popular LaunchBar app, improving compatibility with Apple's new OS, Mountain Lion, and adding "preliminary" support for the MacBook Pro with Retina display. The update, version 5.3, also offers extended support for third-party mail clients such as Sparrow, Outlook, and PostBox, and is Gatekeeper-ready.

LaunchBar replaces and extends OS X's Spotlight search function, in a similar fashion to apps like Alfred and Quicksilver. It offers powerful, adaptive universal search; calculator, dictionary and clipboard functions; and deep integration with Calendar and iTunes. Version 5.3 is available as a free upgrade for existing LaunchBar 5 users — users of LaunchBar 3 and 4 can upgrade their license for €9 (around $11).