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First impressions of AT&T's Garnet Red Galaxy S III appear at launch

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A roundup of first impressions of the AT&T-exclusive Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III.

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AT&T's carrier-specific Garnet Red version of the Samsung Galaxy S III is bound for stores on Sunday, and now we're seeing the first photos of and reactions to the phone. The red model was officially announced after AT&T's other versions had launched, arriving a bit late on the scene, and its specs are identical to that of the blue and white models. It's also selling at the same $199.99 price point on contract. The glossy burgundy color scheme, however, is fairly distinctive, and the bottom menu buttons shine a bright red rather than white. Engadget's Myriam Joire has put up an excellent gallery with some comparisons between the three models, and TechnoBuffalo gives us some video of the Garnet Red S III in action. If you're interested in what's inside the casing as well, you can check out our review of the Galaxy S III.