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Google adds more high-resolution aerial and satellite photos to Maps and Earth

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Google has added high-resolution aerial images to parts of Spain and the US, high-resolution satellite photos to dozens of countries, and high-resolution 45-degree imagery to 28 cities, mostly in the US.

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Google is making good on its plans to improve Maps and Earth by adding high-resolution imagery. The company has announced that it's added better aerial and satellite photos for 25 cities and 72 regions or countries, a significant expansion. There's a full list on the Lat Long blog, but several parts of Spain and the US have new high-resolution aerial imagery, and Brazil, China, Mexico, and many other countries have new satellite pictures. Besides this, there's new 45-degree imagery in 21 US cities and seven elsewhere. Besides giving users a better look at Munich and London landmarks (especially with the Olympics underway), 45-degree imagery is also what Google uses to build its 3D models. Bing Maps recently updated its high resolution database as well, adding 230,004 square kilometers of territory.