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Alleged 'iPhone 5' device shown fully assembled for the first time

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Chinese supplier iLab Factory has published photos of a fully-assembled device that's said to be the next-generation iPhone.

iphone 5 ilab leak
iphone 5 ilab leak

We've heard quite a bit about the "iPhone 5" — or whatever it'll be called — and we've already seen a handful of photos and a video of the supposed next-generation Apple smartphone. Now we're getting a complete picture of the device thanks to Chinese supplier iLab Factory. What's different this time is that the phone is fully assembled in the shots offered by the site. There's nothing terribly surprising, and we'll remain skeptical until Apple reveals the next-generation iPhone, but with so many matching parts appearing from multiple sources it's difficult to discount the device as a fake. As a reminder, the phone pictured is consistent with reports suggesting that Apple's next iPhone will have a smaller, 19-pin dock connector, and a taller, larger screen.

Update: Macotakara has now uploaded a video showing off a seemingly identical iPhone shell.