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Navigon for iOS update includes Google Street View

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Navigon has released an update for its iOS app, including Google Street View integration and a dedicated Cockpit feature available as an in-app purchase

Navigon iPhone
Navigon iPhone

Hot on the heels of Apple's controversial decision to drop all Google Maps services — including Street View — from the default Maps application in its future iOS 6 release, popular navigation app Navigon has released an update which includes the feature. With version 2.1, demoed originally at MWC in February, the app now provides Street View snapshots of destinations, to help with the final stages of journeys. Users can rotate the view 360 degrees to get a better idea of their eventual surroundings.

Other features bundled with the update include improvements to the Custom Route interface and general performance optimizations. A new in-app purchase is also available — dubbed Cockpit, it uses the iPhone or iPad's built-in accelerometer to provide extended information such as g-force and roll and tilt angles. It's a nifty feature, but one that's not likely to see too much use during your average trip to the store.

Navigon USA is available for $29.99 from today until July 16, when it returns to its normal price of $49.99. Cockpit currently costs $3.99, but will rise to $5.99 following its initial sale price.