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Huawei's Android 4.0 Emotion UI ready for download, almost

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Huawei's Emotion UI ROMs have appeared on its website for the Ascend P1, P1E, and the Honor, but aren't live quite yet.

Emotion UI
Emotion UI

We first heard about Huawei's Emotion UI at the end of May, and it looks like the company is just about to release its Android 4.0-based skin for the Ascend P1, P1E, and the Honor. The skin features voice assistance (exclusive to Chinese markets) as well as access to Huawei's cloud services. While experienced users have the flexibility to customize individual Chinese characters, Emotion UI contains a help system that introduces beginner smartphone users to the skin's more complicated elements.

Emotion UI also includes deep integration with Android 4.0 with its Profiles and Smart Trigger features. There are predefined driving, sleeping, and outdoor profiles, among others, that each have their own appropriate system settings, and custom profiles can be set by the user. Smart Triggers will watch for changes in Wi-Fi connection, location, battery level, and time of day, and any changes can modify the phone's profile accordingly. The ROMs including Emotion UI aren't live just yet, but be sure to keep an eye on Huawei's download section at the source.