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Design company's HP render shows off webOS on a never-released all-touch smartphone

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Transparent House, a design firm that has worked with HP previously, just made public a rendering of a never-released all-touch smartphone, probably the one previously known as Stingray

HP WindsorNot Stingray
HP WindsorNot Stingray

Before HP discontinued its webOS hardware, rumors surfaced of the Stingray, an all-touch HP smartphone designed to compete with the Evo. Also known as the Windsor Not (in contrast to the Windsor, another codenamed phone), the phone was allegedly killed at the behest of AT&T because it lacked LTE. Now, we have another sign that HP was indeed working on the Stingray late last year. Transparent House, a design firm that has done work for HP, just made a video titled "Products - HP Palm - WindsorNot" public after almost nine months. It's a short look at a webOS phone virtually identical to the project codenamed Stingray from April of 2011, with no keyboard and a rectangular profile.

We're not sure why the video was made public today, except for the obvious fact that the defunct webOS hardware is no longer top-secret. It was uploaded around the same time as several similar videos, including an ad for the HP Veer on AT&T.

Thanks Julian!

Update: Several hours after we posted about the render, Transparent House pulled the video and any mention of the WindsorNot or Stingray. The company's entire Vimeo account, in fact, looks like it has been hidden or removed, and even videos for products like the Veer no longer show up.