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HTC One V now shipping from US Cellular for $129.99 with two-year contract and mail-in rebate

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The HTC One V is now available from US Cellular for $129.99 with a two-year contract.

HTC One V hands on main
HTC One V hands on main

It was only a few days ago that not a single US carrier offered the HTC One V, but after Virgin Mobile started carrying the device this past weekend US Cellular has joined suit. The third-tier One series phone is available to order online now for $129.99 with a two-year contract and a $100 mail-in rebate. That's not a terribly attractive price when you consider that Virgin Mobile is selling the exact same CDMA phone for $199.99 without a contract. Sure, that's a bit more up front, but if you compare the data plans you'll see that there's a significant difference. A 450 minute plan from US Cellular with 2GB of data and no text messages comes in at $64.99 (though you'll get unlimited incoming calls and texts), while Virgin Mobile offers 300 minutes with unlimited data and texts for $35 per month. Still, if you're interested, the 3.7-inch, Android 4.0-equipped device is shipping now from US Cellular's website and will be available in-store come July 6th. It might be a better idea to wait a bit longer and spend $70 more to pick up the Galaxy S III when it launches on the carrier, however.