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Bill Gates: Microsoft Surface is 'the best of two worlds'

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Bill Gates recently sat down with Charlie Rose to discuss his philanthropic work and his stance on Microsoft's Surface tablet.

Bill Gates tablet
Bill Gates tablet

Bill Gates' recent philanthropic work prevents him from interacting with Microsoft very often, but he recently sat down with Charlie Rose to discuss his efforts overseas and his take on the company's Surface tablet. Apart from his efforts to rid the planet of Polio and improve worldwide healthcare, Gates reflects on the dichotomy between tablets and desktop computers.

In his interview, Gates says that "end-to-end design can really set off a form factor" and that "you can have a rich ecosystem of manufacturers and you can have a few signature devices that show off the difference between a tablet and a PC." Gates goes on to explain that, while he is certainly biased towards Microsoft, that "...Surface is the seminal event of taking the best of two worlds and bringing them together."

Gates' interview with Rose covers areas from the prevalence of companies that focus on software, like Google and Facebook, to Microsoft's advances in Bing, and how brand recognition is holding the search engine back. While Gates says that he's very proud of Microsoft's Windows 8 OS and the Surface tablet, he isn't planning on going back any time soon — there is still much work to be done in the fields of education, medicine, and energy independence.