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iCloud beta site live for developers with Notes and Reminders apps, revised Find My iPhone

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The beta version of Apple's updated iCloud website is now open to developers participating in the iOS 6 beta, offering access to new Notes and Reminders apps, along with a revised Find My iPhone.

iCloud Beta screenshot (MACRUMORS)
iCloud Beta screenshot (MACRUMORS)

A sign-in page for a new iCloud beta website surfaced back in May, and it has since gone live, offering developers a peek at iCloud's new web-accessible Notes and Reminders apps — along with a revamped Find My iPhone. MacRumors has a look at the new features, which are reportedly available only to developers participating in the iOS 6 beta. Visually, the new apps closely mimic their iOS counterparts — Notes uses the infamous yellow notepad skeuomorphic design metaphor — while the new Find My iPhone features a battery indicator so iCloud users can see how close their lost devices are to blipping off the radar altogether.

The iCloud calendar app is also labeled with a beta tag, but according to MacRumors the only visible difference is the excision of reminders so they can be placed into their own app. iCloud's predecessor MobileMe officially went dark this week, and these new iterative improvements will no doubt only bolster the tight integration between Apple's online services and mobile devices. iOS 6 — and presumably the new iCloud website with it — is expected to launch this fall.