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Galaxy Nexus no longer available to purchase from Google Play website, will return next week

Galaxy Nexus no longer available to purchase from Google Play website, will return next week


Samsung's Galaxy Nexus has stopped sales at Google's website.

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galaxy nexus not in stock
galaxy nexus not in stock

In April, Google started selling unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones from its own store, for $399 a pop. Six days ago, the price dropped to $349. Now, however, the phone is listed as "coming soon" on Google's website. We're not sure whether Google is simply updating the boxed handsets to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, obeying a preliminary injunction in federal court to stop sales, or applying a software patch to avoid said ban. Or, maybe the company just ran out of handsets due to early Android 4.1 adopters and those hoping to get a Galaxy Nexus assuming they'll be banned? No matter the reason, you can't buy a Galaxy Nexus directly from Google right now.

The Galaxy Nexus is still on sale at J&R, Amazon resellers, and Target. But given the injunction, availability for ordering doesn't mean it will ship. After all, these third party sellers aren't going to be as quick to remove it as Google was from Play. We've reached out to Google for clarification and will update when we hear back.

Update: We're still waiting to hear back from Google, but in the meanwhile the company appears to have updated its Galaxy Nexus page slightly. The description of the phone now reads "Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ (soon with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean)," which suggests that maybe the company merely stopped selling devices without the new update.

Update 2: The timing of Google's missing Nexus is interesting, to say the least: we've just confirmed that Apple has posted the nearly $96 million dollar bond required to begin the Galaxy Nexus injunction in earnest.

Update 3: We just spoke to Google, which confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus is no longer on sale right now, but Google says the device will begin shipping again next week. The company wouldn't get into specifics about why sales stopped, or whether new devices will include a patch that works around the court's preliminary ban, but they will indeed have the new Android 4.1 update.


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