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'Dead Space' for Android update adds Nexus 7 support

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Electronic Arts has updated Dead Space for Android with full support for Google's Nexus 7.

Dead Space Nexus 7
Dead Space Nexus 7

Struggling to find a way to spend the $25 Google Play credit that came with your shiny new Nexus 7? When it comes to games on the Android platform, Dead Space has always been an easy recommendation. Unfortunately it wasn't compatible with Google's Jelly Bean tablet at launch, but Electronic Arts has finally updated its survival horror shooter with full Nexus 7 support. True, you'll be giving up a good chunk of that complimentary Play Store cash — Dead Space is priced at $6.99 — but there are few better choices when it comes to demonstrating the horsepower of that Tegra 3 chipset. Just keep in mind that the file size reflected in Google Play is a bit misleading: you'll need at least 400MB of storage to install this third-person thriller.