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Microsoft details upcoming Windows 8 Touch Mouse gesture support

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Microsoft is detailing its upcoming support for gestures in Windows 8 with the company's Touch Mouse.

Windows 8 touch mouse
Windows 8 touch mouse

Microsoft revealed earlier this year that it's planning to support additional functionality in Windows 8 for its existing Touch Mouse, but the company is detailing the exact gestures this week. The new support, that will arrive once Windows 8 is available, will include a one finger swipe to scroll up and down in documents, a two finger movement to manage apps and display the Windows 8 charms, a three finger movement to zoom in and out, and a thumb gesture to navigate forwards and backwards through apps.

Microsoft says the updated gestures will "help make navigating through Windows 8 a breeze." The company isn't detailing exactly when this support will be made available in driver form, but it appears updated drivers will be available once Windows 8 is released this fall.