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HP teases unannounced tablet in latest commercial

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The latest HP commercial briefly shows off a new device that could be HP's first Windows 8 tablet.

HP Tablet Commercial
HP Tablet Commercial

Most of HP's "Make it Matter" commercial treads familiar ground, but its brief final shot shows off a new device that could be the first HP Windows 8 tablet. The tablet, shown about 55 seconds in, might be the Slate 8 that was leaked in April, though we still don't have much to go on with either the leak or the commercial. It's being held in landscape mode, the way Microsoft intends Windows 8 to be used, and it looks to have a smooth metallic back with a plastic insert at the top. The logo placement indicates that the tablet is primarily meant to be used in landscape, just like HP's Slate 2. It's possible we won't see a device come to market looking like this, but HP has confirmed previously that it's going to be selling an x86-based Windows 8 tablet for business customers. HP had nothing to say about the commercial.