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Samsung's Omnia M Windows Phone coming to the UK on August 1st

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Samsung's Omnia M finally has a launch date, and will be coming to the UK on August 1st.

Samsung Omnia M
Samsung Omnia M

When Samsung announced its Europe-bound Windows Phone handset the Omnia M back in May, we weren't quite sure when the device would be available. Today comes word that the phone will be launching in the UK starting on August 1st, according to retailer Phones 4u. The company says that it has a two month-long exclusivity window for selling the device in the country, and the Omnia M will be available for free coupled with a £20.50 monthly contract, or in a SIM-free version for £289.95. There's no word on when the phone will be coming to other regions, though Samsung previously said that the Windows Phone 7.5-enabled device will only be available in Europe initially.