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Bing now lets you ask your Facebook friends for help while searching

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Now you can ask your Facebook friends for help with Bing searches by tagging them.

microsoft new bing main 1020
microsoft new bing main 1020

Bing is continuing its push towards adding more social features, this time by letting users ask their Facebook friends for help when searching. The new feature lets you tag up to five friends to specific search queries — this, in turn, will send them a notification on Facebook, which they will hopefully use to help you out. So, for instance, if you're searching for a restaurant in a specific city, you can tag someone you know on Facebook who lives there and might know somewhere good to eat. "This allows you to effortlessly tap into the collective wisdom of your social network," explains Microsoft. The new feature is live now, and comes not long after Bing introduced Foursquare integration into search results.