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RadioShack's 2002 catalog: CueCats, thermal fax paper, and the Nokia 5185i

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Progrssive Boink takes a look back at RadioShack's 2002 catalog, revealing a line of products that range from nostalgic to confusing.

radioshack catalog 2002
radioshack catalog 2002

Ten years doesn't seem like a long time, but at lot of things can happen in the world of consumer electronics in the span of a decade. Progressive Boink recently took a trip through a RadioShack catalog from 2002 — long before anyone referred to the retailer as "The Shack" — showcasing a set of products that range from pleasantly nostalgic to downright confusing. The catalog even features CueCat barcodes that, when scanned with a cat-shaped computer peripheral, would take you to the product's website (like a QR code, but weird). Between feline-inspired PC attachments and something called a "Quick hang-up" announcement module, the RadioShack of yesteryear was full of desirable wares, like a Marilyn Monroe phone that just might be classy enough to show up in your next flight's SkyMall catalog.