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Blogger's new Google+ tab aims to tie two communities together

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Google is adding a new Google+ tab to the Blogger dashboard, allowing users to link their brand or organization's blog to a Google+ page.

blogger google plus stock 1020
blogger google plus stock 1020

The Google+ team continues its efforts to permeate every facet of our lives online. The addition of a new Google+ tab in the Blogger dashboard (pictured below) will let you connect your brand, business, or other organization's blog to your Google+ profile, making it easier for users to tie their disparate online identities together. For instance, if you've been running a blog under something other than your real name (say a brand or pseudonym), the new tab makes it possible to link your writing to a Google+ page. As Google explained to us, "we think this is a big deal for members of the Blogger community, who generally writes about their passions, but not necessarily as individuals."


If you decide to link a blog to your profile, you’ll be presented with a new share box whenever you go to publish a blog post, letting you notify your Google+ followers that you’ve posted new content. While there’s never been anything stopping you from sharing your Blogger posts on Google+ before, the increased integration makes things easier for users trying to drum up attention for the projects they're working on, and helps Google tie the gigantic Blogger community to its social backbone.