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Twitter alerted NBC about tweet that got journalist banned

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The Telegraph has revealed that NBC was informed by Twitter that a journalist had made an executives corporate email address public, prompting the network to make a complaint resulting in the journalist's ban.

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twitter censorship
twitter censorship

Yesterday, a journalist was banned from Twitter for tweeting the corporate email address of a NBC executive. Today, The Telegraph has revealed that NBC was informed of the tweet by Twitter itself. Christopher McCloskey, NBC Sport's vice president of communications, told the newspaper that NBC's social media department "was actually alerted to it by Twitter" before filing a complaint.

The Telegraph added that Twitter had not responded to an email asking if this was the social network's standard policy. The banning has drawn a lot of attention from the UK press, and The Guardian stated that Twitter has confirmed in the past that it "does not actively monitor users' accounts." We've reached out to Twitter to verify McCloskey's comments and shine some light on what has happened here and will update you as soon as we hear back.