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Directional LED lights help transform San Francisco's Bay Bridge

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With $18 million worth of new lighting, San Francisco's Bay Bridge is a site to behold.

Wired - Bay Bridge LED lights
Wired - Bay Bridge LED lights

The Bay Bridge in San Francisco has been outfitted with $18 million worth of LED lights, but it's not necessarily the type of bulbs that makes it such an interesting project. Wired has delved into the creation of the new lighting set-up, and found that it's how the lights can be used that's so impressive, making it possible to direct light exactly where you need it without having it reach areas you don't.

"Every LED is pointing to a different place, it has a differently directed visor, and a different lens," says CalTrans engineer Bill Shedd. The project was built by sports lighting company Musco — who also built the lighting set-up for Yankee Stadium in New York — and not only looks great and is functional, but is also designed to last a long time, with a projected 20 year lifespan. Be sure to check out the source link below to learn more about its creation.