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SkyDrive Metro style web version due later this summer

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Microsoft is planning to update its SkyDrive web app to match the company's Metro style design, later this summer.

SkyDrive Metro
SkyDrive Metro

Microsoft is planning to overhaul the look and feel of its SkyDrive web version later this summer. Alongside the recently launched preview, Microsoft gave us a sneak peek at the next version of SkyDrive for the web. Although the interface is changing to match Microsoft's Metro look, there's also a number of features and improvements baked in. You're now able to preview Office document content within the thumbnail view and select files and folders within the same interface.

Microsoft has also integrated its Windows Live Groups functionality into the sidebar within SkyDrive, allowing you to create a group to share Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint files on the web within SkyDrive and chat using the messenger function. There is also easy access to download the SkyDrive Windows app and the manage online storage section. Microsoft says the SkyDrive update will go live "later this summer," and with any luck we'll see a rumored Recycle Bin feature update soon too.