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My BMW Remote app finally launching on Android

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The Android version of BMW's smartphone remote app is finally on its way to users.

BMW steering wheel stock
BMW steering wheel stock

It's been a long time coming for BMW-owning Android users — the My BMW Remote app first launched on iOS in Europe back in 2010, before coming to the US this February. And while an Android version was initially promised last year, it's now finally on the way. BMW says that the Android smartphone version is now available — though it doesn't appear to be live in Google Play just yet — and it includes all of the same functionality as its iPhone counterpart, letting you unlock doors, turn off headlights, and more. "By extending our My BMW Remote app to Android devices as well, we are responding to the recent rapid spread of this operating system," said Dr Eckhard Steinmeier, head of BMW's ConnectedDrive platform. While the app itself is free to download, you'll need a BMW Assist-equipped vehicle to get any use out of it.