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Mitt Romney to announce running mate on new iOS and Android app

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Presidential contender Mitt Romney will be announcing his running mate in "Mitt's VP," an iOS and Android app.

Mitt Romney VP App
Mitt Romney VP App

As President Barack Obama announces his own app for the campaign trail, Republican contender Mitt Romney is hoping to attract users by offering a first look at his choice for Vice President. Mitt's VP is available on both iOS and Android, and from what we can tell, it's exactly what it sounds like: an app with push notifications that tells you when Romney announces his running mate and who he chooses. The app text promises the news will come to phones before it goes the press and "just about everyone else." There's also an option to follow Romney's Twitter feed in-app and a link to donate on his main site. With Mitt, a previous app, allowed users to customize photos with campaign material. Romney's decision to reveal his running mate through a relatively new communication tool echoes the 2008 campaign, when Barack Obama announced his pick over email and SMS.